InPractice helps you streamline your charting needs with a simple, intuitive solution built specifically for surgery centers. 


Why InPractice?

Digitize Paperwork

Our cloud-based solution helps you streamline medical records management, eliminating the need for a cumbersome paper trail.


Collaborate with Surgeons

Loop surgeons' staff into the workflow with an easy-to-use experience from their practice to your ASC.


Low, transparent pricing

Low, transparent monthly subscription fees with no hidden costs, ever. 

Designed specifically for surgery centers

Traditional charting tools tend to be designed for hospitals or healthcare systems and don't fit the needs of ASCs. 

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    Low predictable cost
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    Easy to implement and use
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    HIPAA Compliant
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    Support included
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How InPractice Works

InPractice helps streamline chart management for surgery centers in a highly available yet simple fashion.

  1. Fully automated

    Say goodbye to fax machines and paper trails, our software does the lifting for you, automatically routing necessary records. 

  2. Complete Visibility

    You'll always have visibility into the process. At each step, your team can see the record of every patient interaction before them.

  3. Total Control

    We know each center is different and has different needs.  Your team can analyze, manage, and improve processes as you use InPractice. 

Robust Security and Privacy

Patient Confidentiality

InPractice balances information transparency and confidentiality; each surgeon only sees what's appropriate. 

100% HIPAA Compliant

We've built our technology to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of HIPAA compliance. We've partnered with Vanta, a leader in security and compliance automation, to further bolster our HIPAA compliance.

Stringent Security

InPractice uses state-of-the-art encryption and robust data management protocols to ensure that every piece of information you trust us with remains confidential and protected.