Transform your charting

InPractice chart builder uses AI to automate the intake of patient medical records, helping you to eliminate the clutter of paper and focus on providing the best care possible. For a low flat fee.


Say goodbye to paper clutter

The workflow of ASCs is unique and requires staff to be organized and efficient, while focusing on fueling growth and providing the best possible care. 

Traditional charting tools are expensive, clunky, and aren't designed for the needs of ASCs. InPractice has changed that.

Our easy-to-implement, low-cost solution helps ASCs automate their charting process, reduce paper clutter, and work more efficiently, saving money. 


Here’s how we're helping ASCs

Paperless Pre-Admission

Connect your eFax or email to InPractice and let us do the lifting for you, automatically creating patient charts.

Review from Anywhere

Your team can track and review pre-admission information online and from anywhere.

No more Sticky Labels

Print an entire days charts with one click and every page will have a patient information block.

Templated Documents

Create a library of templates in the system and automatically add patient-specific information to them.


Patient Data is Safe with InPractice

Patient Confidentiality

InPractice balances information transparency and confidentiality; each surgeon only sees what's appropriate. 

HIPAA Compliant

We've built our technology to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of HIPAA compliance.

Stringent Security

InPractice uses state-of-the-art encryption and robust data management protocols to ensure that every piece of information you trust us with remains confidential and protected.


Flat-fee for ASCs of all sizes

Chart Builder


Unlimited procedures and documents

Everything you need to automate your patient intake

  • Checkmark eFax and email integration
  • Checkmark Automated chart creation
  • Checkmark Review and accept documents
  • Checkmark Internal document templates
  • Checkmark One-click chart printing

Chart Builder Plus


Everything in Chart Builder plus...

Add auditing, esign, and paperless charting

  • Checkmark Scan completed Chart to archive
  • Checkmark AI chart review for errors and omissions
  • Checkmark Esign missing documents
  • Checkmark Easy access for Auditors
  • checkmark Record retrieval for return patients