Get more done with AI-powered medical record reviews

Stop spending hours searching for what matters in large medical record collections.  Reclaim your time by going directly to what you to what you need to know with InPractice.


Focus on what matters

InPractice provides high-quality summaries of each medical record and displays them in a chronological timeline for you.  This allows you to jump straight to the records that are relevant for your work and skip over what doesn't matter.

Instead of spending hours reading the details of medical records that are unrelated to the present condition, InPractice gives you your time back so you can do what you're trained to do.

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Here's how we're helping with medical record reviews


High-Quality Summaries

Read short, high-quality summaries that are relevant to your work.

Timeline View

Use the timeline to navigate records chronologically.

Index View

Use the index to navigate records by type of document.

Ask Questions

Ask an AI system about the contents of your medical records and get answers in real time.


InPractice is used across industries

  • Insurance

  • Medical

  • Law Firms

Save time and money processing medical records for claims cases

InPractice helps insurance companies review medical records for workers' comp claims cases in a fraction of the time of manual processing. Receive a detailed summary, navigate the records chronologically, and ask questions about the contents of the medical records, receiving answers in real time- our AI system handles it all.

Spend less time on medical record reviews and get more done

We're helping QMEs review medical records rapidly, which means getting more done. Whether you want to scale and take on more medical record reviews or spend less time reviewing medical records and spend more time with patients, we can help. Our AI-software provides summaries, an index, a medical chronology, and a Q&A function that answers questions in real time- drastically decreasing the amount of time you manually spend reviewing records.

Smarter medical record reviews for law firms 

InPractice is helping law firms process medical records for worker's comp claims cases faster and smarter. Our AI-powered software creates high-powered summaries, a medical chronology, and the ability to ask question and receive answers in real time, helping you to get the insights you need. And less time on medical records means more time to take on new cases and scale the business. 


Medical Records are Safe with InPractice

High Availability

Our servers are highly available so you can work with medical records at any time

HIPAA Compliant

We've built our technology to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of HIPAA compliance.

Stringent Security

InPractice uses state-of-the-art encryption and robust data management protocols to ensure that every piece of information you trust us with remains confidential and protected.

Ready to cut time spent reviewing medical records?